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UCL Wellbeing Strategy

The five-year UCL Wellbeing Strategy, dedicated to creating and supporting a happy and healthy UCL community

UCL is committed to ensuring a happy and healthy UCL. The strategy was developed to introduce a proactive approach to wellbeing by promoting and embedding positive physical, mental and social health and wellbeing behaviours and activities across the UCL community.

There are 6 Pillars of Wellbeing at UCL:

1.    Positive environments. Building, improving and maintaining positive and supportive working and learning environments

2.    Policies and practice. Embedding wellbeing in our HR policies and people practices

3.    Healthy lifestyles. Encouraging and promoting healthy lifestyles with a specific focus on alcohol and tobacco use, physical activity, nutrition and sleep  

4.    Mental wellness. Encouraging and supporting staff and students to maintain good mental health and manage problems should they arise

5.    Removing mental ill-health stigma. Creating a culture where more people feel able to talk openly about their mental health as they do physical health

6.    Culture and behaviour change. Embedding workplace health promotion at UCL to foster the culture enabling support and encouragement of health behaviour change

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