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Three Good Things

Being Well at UCL are inviting you to take part in Three Good Things campaign that draws on Positive Psychology and practice of gratitude to help us balance our emotions, even in difficult times.

Three Good Things

About Three Good Things

Three Good Things is a Positive Psychology intervention that involves participants to reflect on the good things that happened to them during the day. Research into Three Good Things had shown to improve the feelings of burnout, perceived stress, life satisfaction and general wellbeing, with some positive effects observed months after the intervention.

From Monday 20 September until Sunday 17th October, Being Well at UCL invites you to join us in reflecting on good things that happen to you. We recommend that you find an accountability buddy to share your Three Good Things with, this will help you stay motivated for the duration of the challenge. This can be a colleague, a friend or a relative. If you like, we can buddy you up with someone at UCL who is also taking part in the campaign. 

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We would love to keep in touch with you to offer tips, encouragement and to hear how participating in this campaign has benefited you. If you would like to take part, please let us know by signing up here.

Sign up to take part here

How to take part

Write down Three Good Things from the day, for three evenings a week (more if you want to).

You can do this by:

  • using pen and paper, to write in a notebook or a post-it note
  • using a PC, and typing up bullet points in Word or Sticky Notes
  • using your phone or tablet, Notes app or an external app such as Three Good Things.

Share your Three Good Things with others by:

  • Find a buddy to take part with. This can be a colleague, a friend or a relative. We can buddy you up with another participant (please let us know if you would like a buddy when you sign up to take part)
  • Tagging @UCL_Wellbeing in your Tweets and Instagram posts
  • posting your Three Good Things on our UCL Wellbeing Space - padlet wall.

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Evaluating Three Good Things campaign

It is important for us to know how this campaign impacts your wellbeing, so we have teamed up with PsychUp for Wellbeing team at UCL PaLS to design a questionnaire that will help us evaluate levels of perceived stress, burnout and general wellbeing before and after the intervention. We are asking you to complete a short 5-minute survey before you take part, and we will share the post-campaign survey with you at the end of the campaign. 

Complete the pre-campaign survey

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