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Arts & Humanities
Susie Ivins - SELCSJessica Green - Department of English Language and Literature
Thomas Morgan-Evans - Slade School of Fine ArtsCasey Johnson - Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Rebecca Loweth - Slade School of Fine ArtsDimitrios Kraniotis - Department of Information Studies
Barbora Pocluch - School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES) 


Bartlett (Built Environment)
Rosanna Seels - The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and ResourcesZoe Lau - The Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management
Lorenzo Lotti - The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and ResourcesAlice Whewell - The Bartlett School of Architecture, Here East
Alejandra Albuerne -  The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and ResourcesPani Fanai-Danesh - The Bartlett School of Architecture
Irene Pluchinotta -  The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and ResourcesJenny Post - Bartlett School of Planning
Hannah Legg - Built Environment Faculty Office 
Brain Sciences
Michael Farmer - Institute of Prion DiseasesJacky Bauer - Institute of Neurology
Jill Cowing - Institute of OphthalmologyLinda Taib - Institute of Neurology
Olive Byrne - Institute of Ophthalmology

Nadine Dijkstra - Institute of Neurology

Diana Sefic-Svara - Institute of OphthalmologyCristina Gardini - Psychology & Language Sciences
Sakina Naibkhail - The Ear InstituteAnouchka Sterling - Psychology and Language Sciences
Michelle Tuohy - The Ear InstituteSafia Chaudhary - Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Alice Milne - The Ear InstituteMaria Thomas - Division of Psychiatry


Engineering Science
Amy Clemens - Dept of Security and Crime ScienceVicky Coombes - Dept of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Johanna Novales - Faculty Office

Sue Needler - STEaPP

Garance Mourgard - Faculty OfficeSilpa Shah - Dept of Computer Science 
Duncan McAllister - Civil, Environmental & Geomatic EngineeringBernadette Murray - Dept of Computer Science
Davina Scoble- Estates DevelopmentFlorentina Caras- Facilities and Infrastructure
Jason Allen- Estates Strategy & Programme DeliveryMegan Putt- Property
Aisling Smith- Estates Strategy & Programme Delivery Anna Moutra- Student Accommodation
Mac Wenham- Estates Strategy & Programme DeliveryLouise Raynham - Sustainability
Neil Turvey- Estates Strategy & Programme DeliveryBen Stubbs- Environmental Sustainability
Melissa Browne 


Finance & Business Affairs
Carol Blackburn - Assistant AccountantDenise Hebborn


Human Resources
Iona Heffernan - Organisational DevelopmentZara Chaudhry - Organisational Development Advisor
Katja Janus - Organisational DevelopmentIrida Gaikwad - Safety Services
Information Services
Michele Farmer - Learning Technology & Media ServicesAnika Cawthorn - Research IT Services
Reena Babu - Learning Technology & Media ServicesStefan Piatek - Research IT Services
Yasmin Walker - IT Change and Project DeliveryMilad Chowdhury- Information Service Division
Nicola Griggs - Project Support Services 


Kelly Dickson - Social ScienceMaria Kambouri - Psychology and Human Development
Kimberly Bentein - Centre for Languages & Intl Education Amanda McCrory - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment
Sinead Harmey - Learning and LeadershipGeorgina Merchant - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment; Learning and Leadership
Carol Rivas - Social ScienceKate Boldry - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment


Henry BalogunBronte Cook


Library Services
Faith UdezeNatalie Telles
Joseph DempsterEsther Gladwell 
Noreen BeecherKate Cheney
Michelle Wake 


Life Sciences
Rose Haigh - The Sainsbury Wellcome CentreHeather Badru - School of Pharmacy
Jamie Redden - The Sainsbury Wellcome CentreKirsty Martin - School of Pharmacy
Henny Green - Faculty OfficeRebekah Nichols - School of Pharmacy
Sukh Thiara -  Faculty OfficeRebecca Lever - School of Pharmacy
Charlette Bent-Gayle - Division of BiosciencesTaru Khanna-  Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
Jenna Hakkesteeg- Division of Biosciences 


Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Claire Gacki - Dept of ChemistryMumtaz Abdul-Ghafoor - Inst for Risk & Disaster Reduction
Tamara Alhilfi - Dept of ChemistryLana Shiel - Dept of Mathematics
Mark Fuller - Dept of Physics & AstronomyIya Whiteley - Dept of Space & Climate Physics
Lori Coletti-Campbell - Dept of Physics and AstronomyProspero Taroni-Junior - Institute for Materials Discovery
Bonita Carboo - Dept of Physics and Astronomy 


Medical Sciences
Stephanie Ball - Cancer InstitureCatriona Heredia - Division of Medicine
Isabel Rufat-Subias- Cancer InstituteTom Olney - Division of Medicine
Becki Belgrave - Cancer InstituteAlison Kelly - Division of Medicine
Darren Edwards - Cancer InstituteFaith Hanstater - Div of Surgery & Interventional Sci
Shoukia Bhatti - Cancer InstituteChau Chong - Div of Surgery & Interventional Sci
Ayse Akarca - Cancer InstituteDeborah Lucas-Georgiou - Medical School
Lindsey Stevens - Cancer InstituteFiona Rose-Clarke - Medical School
Wright Jacob - Cancer InstituteMeg Brain - Eastman Dental Institute 


Population Health Sciences
Sarah Mayhew - Institute for Women’s HealthKate Fernandes - Faculty Officer
Mariya Hristova - Institute for Women’s HealthJo Whittle - Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology
Richard Marsh - Institute of Epidemiology and Health CareLeanna Hockey - Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology
Lisa Etamoje - GOS Institute of Child HealthIzzie Harvey - Institute of Health Informatics
Janet Nicholas - GOS Institute of Child HealthRichard Marsh - Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Ludi Capelan - GOS Institute of Child HealthIone Karney- Primary Care and Population Health


Social & Historical Sciences
Charlotte Frearson - Institute of ArchaeologyHayley Nicholls - Institute of Archaeology
Samara King - Institute of ArchaeologyRuth Harper - Institute of Americas
Stephen Patton - Institute of ArchaeologyGina Elliott- Dept of Political Science
Hayley Nicholls - Institute of Archaeology 


Student & Registry Services
Lillie Chopamba - Registrars OfficeMatt Skidmore - Access and Widening Participation
Bikram Bains - Student Support and WellbeingAmeena Qureshi - Student Enquiries Centre
Susanne Stoddart - Careers Service 


Student Union
Lilley Kennedy - Project Active 


VP Offices
Ingrid Khedun - VP: Innovation & Enterprise, UCL ConsultantsIan Evans - VP: Education, Careers Service
Bhavisha Sachania - VP: Innovation & Enterprise, UCL ConsultantsPeter Fitch - VP: Education, Arena Centre
Adey Shallow - OVPA Strategy and OperationsClare MacInnes - OVPA Development
Therasa King - OVPA Strategy & OperationsAlexandra Iglesias - VP: Research, Office of Vice-provost


UCL Culture
 Catriona Wilson - UCL CultureDaniel Perrett - UCL Culture


Biological Services
Sami Richards - Biological ServicesCarly Tagg - Biological Services (ICH)


PS Hub
Alan Liddell - HR ServicesRebekah Seymour - Business Operation Services
Nikoleta Pappa - HR ServicesHeena Varsani - Estates Portfolio and Business Services