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Eye Care FAQs

Information for obtaining an eye test pack and sight test.


How do I get my Eye Test Pack, and what is in it?

To apply for your Eye Test Pack, complete the Eyecare Pack Application Form online. Please note that you will need your payroll number to complete the Application Form. This can be found on your payslip. The (i) icon on the form gives information on what is required in the relevant fields to help with correct completion of the form.

1. Eyecare Plan form (which you take to the optician and exchange for the sight test and spectacles where found necessary)

2. ASE Directory of Affiliated Opticians / Your Guide to DSE Eyecare booklet (including FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and Service Appraisal Form)*

*The Eyecare Plan Order Number (found at the top right hand corner) should be filled in on the Postage-Paid Appraisal Card before attending the optician and the card filled out on completion of the service and then returned to ASE.  This helps ASE monitor the service you receive at the optician and UCL to monitor the overall service.


I have difficulty with the small print in the booklet in the Eye Test Pack. How do I find out what opticians are in the scheme?

Since there are so many opticians in the scheme, ASE has chosen to use a small font in order to have a manageably sized booklet. We appreciate that this might not be legible to everyone. However, the information is available on their website where they have a search by Postcode Facility, or alternatively you may like to phone ASE on 0870 241 4049.


How long is the Eye Test Pack valid for?

If your eye care pack has expired you can request an additional pack by contacting the company directly. The details of the company are printed at the bottom of the voucher as follows:

For any further information or assistance please contact the Customer Service Team by email cs@eyecareplans.co.uk or by phone on 0844 800 4028.


How do I get my eyes tested? 

Once you have received your Eye Test pack, telephone or visit any of the opticians listed in the ASE Directory of Affiliated Opticians. The most up to date list and search facility is available on web site www.eyecareplans.co.uk Tell the receptionist at the optician that you have an Eyecare Plan, and that you wish to book an appointment.

Please do not make an appointment at the Opticians until you receive your personalised Eye Test Pack. The optician needs to complete the Eyecare Plan form to receive payment and without it will require payment at the time of the appointment.


What if my optician is not listed in the in the ASE Directory of Affiliated Opticians? 

It is important that you do not simply attend any optician as they may not be registered to accept Eyecare Plans. If the optician of your choice is not registered, please ask your preferred optician to contact ASE on 0870 241 4049, who will offer the optician free registration.


Will I have to pay for my sight test?

No. As long as you have followed the above procedure, you will not have to pay anything for your sight test. Please note that you will not be entitled to reimbursement from UCL should you fail to follow these procedures.


Is the test a proper sight test?

The test you will receive will be conducted by a suitably qualified Optometrist or Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner. The examination is a full eye and eye sight test as defined by the Optician Act 1989. You should inform the optician that you work with Display screen equipment (DSE), and ask that they additionally check your vision at intermediate distance.


Can I take time off work to have my eye test? 

Please refer to the HR policy on Leave for Domestic and Personal Reasons


How will I know if I need spectacles specifically for DSE Work?

UCL’s Eyecare policy is clearly defined on the actual Eyecare Plan itself. The optician will read this and decide whether the spectacles you require fall into this category. It is not always the case that just because you wear spectacles when operating DSE that your employer should pay for them.


What is the minimum requirement for spectacles under the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992?

If you are found to require spectacles that are specifically for viewing your DSE, and your normal spectacles would not enable this, then your employer must provide a basic pair of spectacles to correct your vision at the particular viewing distance/s. It is not always the case that just because you wear spectacles when operating DSE that your employer should pay for them.


Can I have a copy of my prescription?

Yes. The optician will give you this after the sight test.


How long will my spectacles take to be made?

Typically about 5 to10 working days from ASE receiving the completed Plan from the optician.


Will I get a case and cleaning cloth?

Yes, both are supplied as standard.


I wear contact lenses, can I get help towards the cost?

No. Contact lenses are not covered under the regulations and remain your personal responsibility.


What DSE spectacles will UCL pay for?

UCL will pay for ‘CR39’ (optical plastic) un-coated lenses, provided that they are prescribed to correct your vision at the intermediate distance required for viewing DSE. The appropriate lenses will be fitted into a frame of your choice from the selection of high quality “free” frames as pictured on the Eyecare Plan itself, or into a private frame of your choice.  You are entitled to a 15% discount on private frames and lens upgrades which must be paid for by you and remain your personal responsibility.


Will the optician have samples of the “free” frames for me to try?

The “free” frames pictured on the Eyecare Plan are held at the opticians marked with an appropriate symbol in the Directory (printed copy and web site). All other ASE affiliated opticians have the ability to obtain these frames for you to try.


What if I want a different frame? 

Should you wish to upgrade from the “free” frames as pictured on the Eyecare Plan, you will be required to purchase the upgraded frame of your choice from the optician that you visit. This will be a private transaction between you and the optician (to which UCL will not make a contribution). 


What if I want a ‘rimless’ frame glazed?

As above, you may use your own choice of frame. However, frames that do not have a “full rim” require special glazing that you are required to pay privately for. The optician will call ASE on 0870 241 4049 to obtain the price that you will be required to pay to have the “free” lenses professionally glazed and fitted into your special frame.


What if I want different lenses?

Should you wish to have any other type of lens or cosmetic extras, the optician will call ASE on 0870 241 4049 to obtain the price that you will be required to pay privately to ASE via credit/debit card over the phone, or a cheque to accompany the Eyecare Plan when the optician sends this to ASE to be processed.

If you, or the optician that you visit, require any clarification of the above please call ASE on 0870 241 4049, quoting UCL.


I don't have a password to access the application form, how do I get one?

Please contact Information Systems using contact details below who will be able to issue you with your intranet password.

Name: ISD Service Desk 
Phone: 020 7679 5000 (Ext: 25000 within UCL) 
Location: DMS Watson Library (ground floor)