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SWAN lead contacts and departmental SWAN websites

Please visit the UCL Directory Service to find the contact details of the Athena SWAN leads listed below.

Faculty SWAN leads

  • Faculty of the Built Environment - Emma Todd
  • Faculty of Brain Sciences - Anna Cox
  • Faculty of Engineering Sciences - Dr Sally Day
  • Faculty of Life Sciences - Annette Dolphin
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences - Robb McDonald
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences - Sandy Kutty
  • Faculty of Population Health Sciences - Eleanor Day
  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities - Georgina Bolton
  • Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences - Georgina Bolton
  • The Institute of Education - Sue Rogers

Departmental SWAN leads

School of the Bartlett, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences (BEAMS)
  • Biomedical EngineeringDr Martina Micheletti and Dr Darren Nesbeth
  • Chemical EngineeringProfessor Eva Sorensen and Dr Dan Brett
  • ChemistryProfessor Helen Fielding
  • Civil, Environmental and Geomantic EngineeringProfessor Stuart Robson
  • Computer SciencesDr Alexandra Silva and Dr Ivana Drobnjak (Also see Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • Department of Space and Climate Physics - Dr Sarah Matthews
  • Earth Sciences- Professor John Brodholt
  • Electronic and Electrical EngineeringDr Sally Day and Tim Bodley- Scott
  • London Centre for Nanotechnology - Professor Rachel McKendry
  • Mathematics - Professor Robb McDonald
  • Mechanical Engineering - Dr Stavroula Balabani
  • Medical Physics and Bioengineering - Andy O'Reilly
  • Physics and Astronomy - Dr Louise Dash and Claire Jordan
  • Science and Technology Studies - Professor Jon Agar
  • Space and Climate Physics - Dr Sarah Matthews
  • Statistical Sciences - Professor Tom Fearn
  • STEaPP - Dr Carla Washbourne
  • UCL School of Management - Lynsie Chew
School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS)
School of Laws, Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences (SLASH)
  • Geography - Dr Chris Brierley
  • Greek and Latin - Professor Gesine Manuwald
Other Useful Contacts
  • Athena SWAN - athenaswan@ecu.ac.uk
  • DEOLOS (Departmental Equal Opportunities Liaison Officers) - Most UCL departments have a DEOLO. Please see the Who's my DEOLO page to find your Department's DEOLO
  • UCL Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager (SWAN contact for BEAMS) - Fiona McClement
  • UCL Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager (SWAN contact for SLASH) - Teresa Williams
  • UCL Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager (SWAN contact for SLMS) - Mike Higgins