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Remote, not Distant at UCL

The spread of coronavirus is providing new challenges for every aspect of our working life. This resource contains tools and information to support you and those around you learn how to adapt to working in this new way.
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Making the most of our working environment

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Keeping connected and maximising support networks

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Leading our people

Managing and working as a remote team                         

Hows your wellbeing?


What can we do to support ourselves              

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Dealing with difficult situations

Support for difficult home or work situations                   

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The Learning Hub

Webinars, events and training opportunities for UCL staff

Visit our virtual photo wall

Post straight to our Remote, not Distant virtual wall or email your photos and top tips for homeworking to remotenotdistantatucl@live.ucl.ac.uk for inclusion.

Please note: photos shared on the wall can be accessed by anyone who has a link for the site but the wall has been set to 'secret' and photos will not appear in any search engines. One photo will be selected each day to appear on these webpages. 

Photo of the day

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Colour Club: Friday 17 July 2020 

And to play us out this week... Ms Rimes singing of 19-4052 TCX