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Women in Leadership Programme

A development programme to support women into leadership positions at UCL.

As an institution; UCL is always seeking out new opportunities to support women transition into leadership positions in order to address and improve gender parity. UCL's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team is working on a number of priorities to address institutional barriers to gender equality.

The WIL programme was introduced in order to bring together like-minded colleagues in a safe and non-judgemental environment, supporting them to develop leadership skills and strategies that will support them in developing their career.

A refreshed programme from 2019

A comprehensive review of the programme took place in 2018, which has led to a number of changes being introduced focusing on fresher up to date leadership content, increased relevance and contextualisation for the higher education sector and UCL, updated tools such as ESCI 360 and TetraMap being used.

Prior to 2019, we were taking 60 staff through the programme per year and not able to meet demand. From 2019, we have increased places and are able to support 160 women per year. The new format comprises of two whole-day workshops, plus the participant's choice of follow up 360 + executive coaching or a group diagnostic tool + peer group coaching.   

Feedback from participants

  • “WiL introduced novel concepts which were further enhanced by using personal experience as group work.” 

  • “The facilitators were very accommodating and knowledgeable and welcomed discussion and challenge. The day was also well structured and time managed well. I found there was a good balance between facilitators talking, working alone and discussion in groups.”

  • “Learning about the different styles such as collaborators and analytics gave me valuable insight into knowing how to influence those different to me; a skill that I look forward to practicing further.”

How to participate 

Nominations for participation are sent to the team on a yearly basis, collectively on behalf of each Faculty, Vice-Provost's office and Professional Services Division. For the academic year 2019/20, nominations will be submitted by 13th September 2019. If you would like to participate, please discuss with your line manager and note that the cost for participation is £1,450 per person. 

How to stay connected 

Alumni from the programme are encouraged to stay connected via the WIL alumni group. Professional Services Women are recommended to join UCL Astrea, an internal staff network. Finally, UCL is an institutional member of the national network for all women working in higher education: WHEN. There is no cost for UCL women to become a member of this national network (which was founded at UCL), we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity and become a member.