UCL Human Resources



In MyHR:

  • You can request unpaid leave.
  • You can record sickness absence.
  • Annual leave balances will be shown in hours not days. You will still request leave in half/full day blocks but it will be deducted in hours based on your work pattern. Moving to an hours based system will help us to support flexible working arrangements.

Frequently asked questions

How do I calculate my remaining leave when it is displayed in hours?

Your remaining leave will vary depending on your work pattern. You can view your work pattern in MyHR Self-Service. If you are unsure how to calculate your remaining annual leave, or believe your entitlement has been calculated incorrectly, please contact the MyHR inbox at hr-services@ucl.ac.uk.  

What is a ‘work pattern’?

Your work pattern shows how your contractual hours are split across the days of the week. A standard working pattern for a full-time employee at UCL is 7.3 hours per day which is 36.5 hours a week. However, some employees have agreed arrangements for compressed hours, flexible working or part time hours.

How do I change my work pattern?

You will need to discuss this with your Line Manager. You can then request a change to your work pattern in MyHR Self-Service for your Line Manager to approve. If you wish to change your weekly working hours this should be discussed and agreed with your line manager, prior to a request being submitted to HR to amend your record.

I’m a part-timer worker, will my annual leave balance take into account bank holidays and college closure days?

Yes, MyHR will make these adjustments automatically.

My Faculty/department doesn’t currently use MyView for tracking annual leave but we would like to start using MyHR, how do we get access? 

Employees not currently using MyView will not have their approved annual leave migrated to MyHR. These individuals will need to continue using their current process for booking annual leave unless your Faculty/Department has made alternative arrangements. If you would like your Faculty to start using MyHR to book annual leave please contact hr-services@ucl.ac.uk. We will work with HR Services to plan how and when we can update remaining annual leave balances in MyHR. Once these records are up to date it will be possible to use MyHR for annual leave.