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Beau Lotto
Reader in Neurobiology

  • Tel: 020 7608 4052
  • r.lotto@ucl.ac.uk
  • Institute of Ophthalmology, 11-43 Bath Street, London. EC1V 9EL

Human Evolution Interest

The fundamental challenge facing the evolution and development of any brain (natural or artificial) is to generate useful behaviour from sensory information that is behaviourally uncertain. Understanding the principles by which the brains of machines, bees and humans resolve this conundrum is fundamental to explaining how and why we perceive what we do, which is the raison d'etre of the research in my lab. The answer must reside in the dynamics between the history of behaviour the functional architecture of the brain and ecology. As such, we address the question of vision at multiple levels, form human psychophysics and fMRI to bee visual behavior and physiology to natural and virtual visual ecology to the evolution of complex Artificial-Life networks, which together encompass the questions of what we see, how we see it and why.

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