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Getting access

The Process for getting access to UCL's online recruitment application

Step One: User access form
In order to access the system, you will be asked to complete a user access form for all the members of staff that you want to be set up on the system.

Step Two: Booking training (Optional)
Training courses can be booked through the Organisational and Staff Development Web Page:

ROME Part 1 : To book a course on Advert Creation and Placement follow the link below:

ROME Part 2 : To book a course on Shortlisting, Candidate Progression and Interviews follow the link below:

Note this is not the fair recruitment training course. The fair recruitment training can be booked at:


Step Three: non-UCL staff
For those people that require access, but are not staff (e.g. External interview panel members), then UCL's Services System (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/upi/services-system/) should be used in the first instance to grant them access and then use the user access form to get them set up on the online recruitment system (Step One).

Step Four: Confirmation of access
Users will receive confirmation of their access through automatic system generated emails.

User registration documents

Helpdesk support for ROME

You can raise a call by logging your query on HR Systems Helpdesk Webform which will authenticate you, using your UCL username and password, and allow you to enter the details of the issue using pre-defined categories and free text.

General queries

If you have any project related, as opposed to system related, queries, please email rome@ucl.ac.uk.