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A Healthy Life Style

A programme to help you manage your weight

Thinking about losing some weight? Have you tried every ‘diet’ possible and still you keep gaining weight? Are you looking for a new approach? Well we may have an answer for you!

Shape-Up is a structured self-help programme aimed at helping people manage their weight and improve their well-being. This approach to weight management has a long history that has evolved over several years, taking into account the latest research and expert opinions. The programme has been tried and tested by men and women all over London, resulting in group members having a significant reduction in weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and stress. Improvements were also seen in waist-hip measurements, body image and self esteem.

Shape-Up has been designed by Psychologists, Dietitians and Physical Activity Specialists to teach individuals new skills to help them manage their weight. The programme is not just a quick fix but should help to provide the skills to carry on with a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.

The aims of Shape-Up:
• Limit future weight gain
• Achieve realistic weight loss
• Form regular eating patterns
• Balance the different types of food you eat
• Reduce your tendency to overeat
• Become more physically active
• Improve the way you feel about your body
• Reduce stress and develop a more positive outlook on life

Who is this programme intended for?

Shape-Up groups are designed for overweight men and women who are concerned about their weight and /or health related risks such as raised cholesterol or high blood pressure, who want a long term solution focusing on lifestyle changes and feel ready to take on new ideas now.

What will the programme consist of?

Starting in mid April, our groups will meet each week for 8 consecutive weeks at UCL from 5:15 to 6:45. You will need to purchase a copy of the Shape-Up manual but there is no charge for attending the weekly sessions. During the 8 weeks we go through the main points in the modules that make up Shape-Up. Each week a different group member takes responsibility for teaching the other group members about a different aspect of the Shape-Up programme. These modules are as follows:

1. Getting Ready to Shape-Up
2. The Shape-Up healthy eating plan
3. The Shape-Up physical activity plan
4. Shopping, cooking and eating out
5. Gaining control of overeating
6. Looking after yourself
7. Feeling better about your body

What is in it for you?

This programme is really unique and special in that it gives you the opportunity to go through the self-help manual together as a group. Weight management can be a lonely and frustrating business. You will be with other people who face similar challenges with their weight which enables you to share your experiences, struggles, disappointments and successes in a non judgemental, supportive environment.

How do I get involved in a Shape-Up group?

If you fit the following criteria then Shape-Up might be the right program for you:

Shape-Up has been designed as a self-help group for mild to moderately overweight people. You are unlikely to find it useful if you experience any of the following problems:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Weight Concern
Brook House
2-16 Torrington Place
London WC1E 7HN Tel: 020 7679 6636
Email: ShapeUp@weightconcern.com
Registered Charity No. 1059686, Company No. 3268842