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Help on Using the Website

Enlarging the text

To make text on the site bigger, use the magnifying glasses to the left.

Magnifying glasses

Magnifying glasses 2 and 3 will make the text bigger; number 1 returns the text to its original size. Your prefence will be stored on your computer so that the text will remain the preferred size even when you return to the site later.

Printing the pages

To print page, click the printer icon on the browser. The Left and right menu links will be removed from the page. You can use the Print Preview option to see how the page will print.

Magnifying glasses

Navigating the site

To find a document in a specific section, use the list of links on the left of each page. To find a document alphabetically by name, go to for policies and procedures, or the list of all pages on the site at

Searching the site

Type the keyword(s) you wish to search on in the white box in the header on the left, and press Enter


Using the top breadcrumbs

Each page has breadcrumbs in the top banner to show its position within the UCL site. For example, the No Smoking Policy is part of Policy and Procedure, which is part of the Human Resources website, which is part of UCL. Each of the sections in the breadcrumbs is a clickable link, for example you can click the Human Resources link to return to the main HR page.