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Maternity Leave Calculator

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Guidance on Entitlements

Occupational Maternity Pay
All staff are entitled to 18 weeks full pay or 9 weeks full pay and 18 weeks half pay.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
Entitlement to SMP is based on length of service and earnings and is a weekly amount set by Government.  As of April 2015, if you have at least 26 weeks continuous service with UCL at the 'qualifying week' (the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth) and your earnings are on average at least £112 a week, you are entitled to 39 weeks SMP.  The first 6 weeks of SMP are paid at the higher rate of 90% of your average weekly earnings and then £139.58 per week for the remaining 33 weeks (or 90% of average weekly earnings if this is lower). During your maternity leave, SMP is included within any weeks of full pay and 9 weeks of half pay.

If you do not qualify for SMP, your maternity certificate (MAT B1) will be sent back to you with an SMP1 form as you may be able to claim Maternity Allowance from Jobcentre Plus.

Further information about maternity entitlements and obligations can be found in the UCL Parental Leave Policy (

Annual Leave
Annual leave, bank holidays and UCL closure days are accrued throughout the whole period of maternity leave.  You should use the normal process to agree when to take this leave with your manager.  You may choose to use annual leave in lieu of unpaid maternity leave, however once you have commenced annual leave you will be deemed to have returned to work and your maternity leave will end.

Financial Assistance
Please note that your department may need to request financial assistance to cover some or all of your duties whilst you are on maternity leave. It is particularly important in the case of grant-funded appointments that such requests are made to the funding bodies in advance of the commencement of your maternity leave.

If your appointment is grant-funded please ensure that you notify your Principal Investigator about your impending maternity leave as soon as possible, so they have time to contact the grant funding body via Research Administration in good time, so enhancing the possibility of securing appropriate financial assistance.

Queries regarding the charging of maternity leave/cover to external grants should be directed to Research Administration. Click here for Finance Division contacts.

Maternity Leave Calculator

Please enter any relevant details in the highlighted fields. Those marked * are mandatory. You can recalculate dates by clicking on the 'Calculate' button once the dates input have been changed.

Please note: SMP payments are included in the date calculations, however, where your continuous service with UCL is less than 26 weeks at the notification week you will not qualify for this payment.

Once you have calculated your entitlements please click on the 'Download Maternity Pack' button at the bottom of the page.

This online calculator runs successfully on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Table 1: Basic Information required
When will your maternity leave start? Calendar *

Table 2: Expected week of childbirth
What is the expected date of childbirth? Calendar *
The expected week of childbirth is:
What is the date you plan to return to work?
Calendar Your return date must not exceed a 52 weeks period from the start date of your maternity leave.


Table 3: Calculated Dates
11th week prior to due date:
Start date of maternity leave:
Notification Week:
Latest Return Date:

Option A: 18 Weeks Full Pay

Period for 18 Weeks Full Pay:
Period for 21 Weeks SMP:
Period of Unpaid Leave:

Option B: 9 Weeks Full Pay and 18 Weeks Half Pay

Period for 9 Weeks Full Pay:
Period for 18 Weeks Half Pay:
21 Weeks SMP:-(SMP is included in any period of Full Pay above and 9 weeks of half pay)
Starts Ends Period: 10th week - 18th weeks.
Starts Ends Period: 28th week - 39th weeks
Period of Unpaid Leave:


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All dates and information provided by the Maternity Leave Calculator and attached documents are subject to verification from Human Resources Division upon receipt of your maternity leave application form.