Contacting HR

2nd Floor
Bidborough House
38-50 Bidborough St
London WC1H 9BT
Tel: +44 020 3108 8829

HR Consultancy Services

Director - HR Consultancy Services - Charles Oboh

The Human Resources Consultancy Team (see departmental teams below), provide a professional advice and guidance service to managers and staff on non routine employment related issues. This includes:

  • the interpretation of national and local conditions of service
  • development and implementation of employment policies
  • advice on employment legislation
  • guidance and support for senior managers managing discipline, grievance, sickness or performance issues
  • organisation restructure
  • professorial appointments
  • post - 65 appointments
  • grading reviews
  • management of the promotions procedure for academic, teaching and research staff
  • the focal point in HR for the UCL-NHS interface.
  • monitoring of probation reviews and staff appraisals throughout UCL
  • the senior salary review process
  • early retirements
  • advice on HR policies and procedures
  • job evaluation and regradings

Office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm but there is usually someone available from 8 am – 6 pm.


Lead HR Consultant

Senior HR Consultant

HR Officer

  • Laws
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Social & Historical Sciences
  • UCL Qatar (UK Contact)

Sonia Sookhan

Bob Carey

Natalie Scargill

  • Centre for International Languages and Education (CLIE)
  • Centre for Preparatory Studies (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)
  • Vice Provost(International)
  • Office for International Affairs
  • UCL Union

Leonie Malvo

  • Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment
  • Engineering
  • The Environment Institute

Anne Wilson

Claire Rowlinson


Hawa Rahim

  • Maths & Physical Sciences
  • CALT
  • Vice Provost (Education and Student Affairs)

Leonie Malvo

Faculty of Brain Sciences

  • Division of Psychology and Language Sciences
  • Institute of Ophthalmology
  • Ear Institute
  • Institute of Neurology
  • Division of Psychiatry
  • Institute of Cognitive Neurosceince

Evelyn Eguridu

Sandra Brown

Denise Huggan

Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Gatsby Computational Neurosciences Unit
  • Division of Biosciences
  • Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology
  • School of Pharmacy
  • Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
  • Biological Services

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Eastman Dental Institute

Fiona Fearon

Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Division of Medicine
  • Cancer Institute
  • Division of Infection and Immunity
  • Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research
  • Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences
  • Division of Medical Education (incl Med Sch Admin)

Linda Ali-Brown

Ros Brayfield

Nishant Aggarwal

Faculty of Population Health Sciences

  • Institute of Child Health
  • Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
  • Institute of Women's Health
  • Institute of Cardiovascular Science
  • Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology
  • Institute of Global Health
  • Research Support Centre
  • SLMS Management
    • SLMS - Planning and Performance Team
    • SLMS - Finance Team
  • Vice Provost (Health)

Taresh Dyal


Professional Services Department

Principal HR Contact

Team Leader/Senior HR Consultant

  • Information Services Division
  • Human Resources
  • Vice Provost (Operations)

Eileen Harvey
Senior Human Resources Consultant

Eileen Harvey
Senior Human Resources Consultant

  • Finance and Business Affairs
  • Development & Alumni Relations
  • Library Services
  • Vice Provost (Research)
  • Vice Provost (Enterprise)
  • Provost's Office
Joanna Lindsay
Senior Human Resources Consultant
  • Careers
  • Estates
Linda Gurney
Human Resources Consultant
  • Student and Registry Services
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Public and Cultural Engagement

Opemipo Koshemani
Human Resources Officer