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  • UCL Arena: Giving Good Quality Feedback

    Research into feedback suggests that students have difficulty understanding and using teacher feedback on their assessments. This workshop will consider why students have difficulty understanding feedback and propose some solutions. Through activities, participants will explore the characteristics of good quality feedback and resolve some common feedback issues. Further resources for improving feedback can be found on the supporting Moodle (Action on Feedback course/view.php?id=41951). Please bring a sample of feedback that you have written on students' work, either written or audio feedback. We will be analysing feedback and thinking about what makes good quality feedback.
    Event dates:
    21-Nov-18 to 21-Nov-18
    1401 to 1601
    17-Dec-18 to 17-Dec-18
    1100 to 1259
    17-Jan-19 to 17-Jan-19
    1400 to 1600
    21-Feb-19 to 21-Feb-19
    1030 to 1230
    13-Mar-19 to 13-Mar-19
    1401 to 1601
    08-Apr-19 to 08-Apr-19
    1300 to 1500
    20-May-19 to 20-May-19
    1401 to 1600
    10-Jun-19 to 11-Jun-19
    1100 to 1259
    02-Jul-19 to 02-Jul-19
    1400 to 1600