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  • UCL Arena Exchange: Workplace based teaching in an M Level Stroke Course -

    Connecting the Curriculum. How can we teach our students in such a way that we produce academic professionals who are able to obtain employment in a global market that is both competitive and demanding? How can we first identify and then teach them the skills they need to navigate complex and continually shifting field? We have used the principles of the connected curriculum to achieve this so we can obtain better outcomes for our students than a 'good mark'. We believe that by integrating research activity and work place based learning activities into a learning focussed course that we can shift the focus from passing exams to accruing skills for the future. In this seminar session we would like to invite you to come snd discuss this with us, share your ideas and hear our story of how we traversed administrative, cultural and language barriers to develop a Masters level course in Stroke Medicine.
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