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  • UCL Arena CC: External Partnerships: Building learning communities beyond UCL.

    Are you looking for creative ways to engage your students with research-based education through the Connected Curriculum? As part of the Exploring Connected Curriculum Dimensions Series, this workshop will help you inspire student learning and innovate through the integration of research and education. More specifically you will explore and contribute to the discussion of some key underpinning themes behind the fourth and fifth dimensions of the Connected Curriculum: Students connect academic learning with workplace learning (Dimension 4) Students learn to produce outputs- assessments directed an audience (Dimension 5) We will explore the two dimensions by making references to a students-led research-outreach project in our discussion. The student perspectives on research-based education will be prominently featured in the workshop, wich will be co-hosted by a student from the Connected Curriculum initiative. Whether you are teaching or supporting student learning, you will share ideas and devise plans on building learning communities beyond UCL to take forward the Connected curriculum in your context.
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