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  • ELEX 01: Getting Started with Moodle

    This course is aimed at staff who would like to learn how to use Moodle, UCL's Virtual Learning Environment. It provides an introduction to Moodle and the basic skills required to design a course in Moodle. If you have used Moodle before, you are welcome to complete the 'Administering your Moodle course' training, which can be found at:
    Eligibility: Please note that courses may be subject to cancellation if bookings for that date are insufficient to run the course effectively. In these cases, we will try to give you as much notice as possible and you will not be charged. Please contact if you have any questions regarding training.
    Event dates:
    28-Nov-19 to 28-Nov-19
    1000 to 1300
    05-Dec-19 to 05-Dec-19
    1400 to 1700
    10-Dec-19 to 10-Dec-19
    1000 to 1300