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  • CALT Arena Exchange Developing Students' Research Skills using Wikis

    We will discuss introducing wikis as a part of required coursework in two undergraduate economics modules. The wiki project had three main objectives: it gave students an opportunity to do a literature survey or other research, it required them to write analytical prose and it facilitated group work. Since our modules tend to be large in number and our student body quite diverse, students often dont get a chance to write extensively, research or collaborate. The wiki project was a way of getting around this. We will describe the way we set up the wiki activity and present data on student engagement and evaluation of the project
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena A Research-Based Undergraduate Programme in Natural Sciences

    The seminar will describe the initiation and implementation of a degree programme in interdisciplinary science taught entirely through research-based learning. We draw on our experience of the Natural Sciences programmes (BSc and MSci) at Leicester and the experience of our "sister" ISci programme at McMaster University. We shall describe how the Leicester programme is run, how the programme embeds the development of a research-led curriculum, how the programme is scaffolded, and the qualitative data on outcomes from alumni interviews. We shall highlight the use of dedicated teaching staff, the interaction with research academics, the flexibility of a student-centred curriculum, and the embedding of professional skill.
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  • UCL Arena Assessment and Feedback Mythbusting event

    Marker realibility is the theme of the third assessment and feedback mythbusting event. Are you involved in marking student assessments? Do you have questions about UCL marking regulations? Would you like to discuss ways of making marking more realiable? Would you like to share your experiences and get advice from our expert panel? Following successful assessment and feedback mythbusting events last year, our third mythbusting event focuses on marker realiability. Come along and ask your assessment and feedback questions, or share your expertise.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena Associate Fellow Guidance Sessions: Developing your application

    For staff who have been to an 'Initial Guidance' session and need feedback on their draft applications. Advice on the development of your case studies will be available. We will discuss how to select examples of your work and write case studies which provide evidence of attainment of the appropriate Descriptor.
    Event dates:
    30-Jun-16 to 30-Jun-16
    1300 to 1400
    25-Jul-16 to 25-Jul-16
    1000 to 1100
  • UCL Arena Associate Fellow HEA Portfolio

    These two sessions, run on Wednesday 7th and 21st May are to give guidance on how to write and submit your application to gain UCL Arena Associate Fellowship and parallel Associate Fellowship of the HEA (AFHEA). If you intend to make an application for AFHEA, you need to attend both of these sessions.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena Developing your application

    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena EduMedia-Savvy Masterclass

    How do we adapt to serious educational purpose the techniques that education media professionals have developed and honed over the years, now that anyone can get hands on the hardware? We're used to having fifty minutes to present and develop ideas with the expectation that students will see the point by the end, but nobody these days, not even you, has that kind of patience on screen. Whether for better or worse, the world has changed and we need to inspire first and explain after. All in two minutes, not fifty. Cameras, smartphones, tablets, WiFi, projectors - you name it, these days it's within easy reach. But how to use it well to create engaging materials that will genuinely advance students' learning - not so easy! Dr Mike Howarth brings a rare combination of teaching, experience in professionall media production and higher education, producing quality teaching materials with creative efficiency for UCL and elsewhere. But he also wants to pass on the core skills and knowledge to enable colleagues to produce their own resources just as easily. In this masterclass, Mike shows practical ways to organise creative multimedia teaching materials that inform, engage and inspire students. Using what he calls EduMedia-Savvy Teaching mindset, he promotes creative production with time control, variety of structures and a focus on the end-user. Bring your ideas for a teaching resource that you would like to develop, whether it be a brand new idea, a part-formed project or an existing teaching tool. we will work together hands-on to bring these ideas to fruition, either using your own equipment or what we can provide on the day. You will suprise yourself (and your students!) with what you can do in a relatively short time, using these edumedia-savvy teaching strategies.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena Essential Effective Lecturing

    This session is based on experiential learning. We'll try out different ways of making lectures effective. Participants will consider if/how they would like to use these approaches in their lectures.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena Essentials Content authoring tools

    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • UCL Arena Essentials Designing Sessions and Courses

    This session will get you started on designing teaching, whether degrees, courses or sessions.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
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