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  • UCL Arena When perfect isn't good enough

    Catherine McAteer and Kate Joseph from UCL Student Psychological Services talk about supporting students who have difficulties with low mood, anxiety, perfectionism and adjusting to university. Starting university is an exciting but often challenging time, when students feel a pressure both to achieve and compete with their peers, whilst also having the "time of their lives". Many students face pyschological and emotional difficulties at university and struggle to concentrate on their studies. This workshop for staff who teach or support student learning at UCL aims to help staff both understand and adapt to students whose emotional and psychological patterns impact on their learning and wellbeing. we plan to explore the common problems faced by UCL students: anxiety, low mood, perfectionism and adjusting to university learning. This session will address how to identify students who are struggling with emtional issues and explore how you cna best support them to maximise their studying and make the most of their university experience. In addition, we aim to explore how to design and deliver teaching that is both supportive and inclusive. We will use specific examples of students to generate practical tips and ways forward.
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