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  • IS: A Quick Introduction to Unix

    This course is designed as a beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating systems which have long been popular in academic contexts. Because of its inbuilt strengths in network computing, multi-threading, multi-user computing, Unix forms one of the back bone technologies of the World Wide Web and Linux is becoming increasingly popular as an operating system on desktop computers. The course covers the most basic and frequently used Unix / Linux commands and introduces important concepts in security and managing your computing environment.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: A look at lynda

    Lynda is an online video learning environment containing more than 3000 courses and holds in excess of 144,000 individual videos. Come along to this lunchtime session for a demonstration and find out how you can use lynda for your own development or integrate it into your teaching.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Advanced statistics with Excel 2013

    This course is aimed at competent Excel users who are already familiar with basic functions and would like to use Excel for more sophisticated statistical analysis. It aims to introduce you to more built-in Excel statistical functions; the functions in the analysis tool pak and to consolidate your skill in building complex formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some parametric tests, chi-square testing of association and regression.
    Event dates:
    10-Nov-16 to 10-Nov-16
    100000 to 1300
  • IS: An Introduction to R with RStudio

    This course is designed to help you to use R and R-studio to import, manipulate, describe and analyse categorical and continuous data and to produce plots and tables to support analysis. Participants will also be introduced to literate programming in R as a method supporting reproducible research.
    Event dates:
    24-Oct-16 to 28-Oct-16
    Part: 1
    1000 to 1300
    Part: 2
    1400 to 1700
  • IS: Charting with Excel 2013

    This session is for those familiar with Excel who would like to start to use it to create charts.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: ECDL Orientation

    The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised qualification designed to assess key IT skills through the successful completion of seven module tests. The ECDL programme at UCL is self-study which means that candidates study at their own pace using online learning materials. Tests and practice tests and one-to-one support are available through drop-ins and testing sessions. Click on More Info for further information.
    Eligibility: This programme is available to UCL staff only and costs 90 pounds. Payment is by IDT or cheque to be brought to the orientation. Please click on More Info for further details. There is no charge for non-attendance of the orientation session.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Excel 2013 Essential Skills

    This course covers how to create, import, export and edit data. It will also show you how to select cell ranges, enter and manipulate formulas and perform basic functions such as in electronic worksheets and to manage workbooks. The course equips candidates with the pre-requisites for our further Excel courses.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Further UNIX

    This course introduces techniques in manipulating data files with UNIX
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Indigo Silva

    This is a follow-up course for those who wish to add to their basic Silva editing skills. You will learn about good practice for accessibility and search engine optimisation and how to get Google Analytics to analyse your site. It covers how to adapt the template, add tables and images and how to link to publications in RPS and/or IRIS. We will also introduce you to a number of the external sources/widgets /apps in Silva and provide you with practice on how to improve an existing site.
    Eligibility: This course is open to staff and postgraduates. There is no charge for events for this course and no charge for late cancellation or 'no shows' for any events.
    Event dates:
    23-Nov-16 to 23-Nov-16
    1000 to 1700
  • IS: Intermediate statistics with Excel 2013

    This course is an introductory level course aimed at those who would like to learn how to write formulae and use functions in Excel for basic statistical purposes. It aims to introduce you to built-in Excel statistical functions and introduce you to  building formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some basic plots and introduces the elements of regression analysis. This is not a statistics course nor is it a basic Excel course. Participants must have an adequate statistical understanding and hold the pre-requisite Excel skills listed in our Moodle course. You may wish to enrol on our Moodle ISD IT Training course and download course materials to your N drive prior to attending the course
    There are no future events for this course listed.
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