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  • IS: A Quick Introduction to Unix

    This course is designed as a beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating systems which have long been popular in academic contexts. Because of its inbuilt strengths in network computing, multi-threading, multi-user computing, Unix forms one of the back bone technologies of the World Wide Web and Linux is becoming increasingly popular as an operating system on desktop computers. The course covers the most basic and frequently used Unix / Linux commands and introduces important concepts in security and managing your computing environment.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Advanced Queries in Access 2013

    This course is aimed at Access users who need to extend their knowledge of designing queries and reports in Access.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Basic statistical measures in Excel 2013

    This course is an introductory level course aimed at those who would like to learn how to write formulae and use functions in Excel for basic statistical purposes. It aims to introduce you to built-in Excel statistical functions and introduce you to  building formulae by hand. The course covers major descriptive measures, some basic plots and introduces the elements of regression analysis.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Bibliographies lunchtime session

    It's time to take the toil out of finding and using bibliographic data. This talk looks at how the right application can help you in literature searching, compiling databases of reference material and integrating the results with word processing or document production software to handle citations and reference list. We will discuss EndNote and Reference Manager, look at online catalogues and databases and compare them with a different approach pioneered by the web application Zotero.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: CMIS Workshop

    Event dates:
    30-Mar-15 to 30-Mar-15
    1000 to 1100
  • IS: Charting with Excel 2013

    This session is for those familiar with Excel who would like to start to use it to create charts.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Creating queries in Access 2013

    Queries help you see your data in different ways, compare data from different tables and can even update fields. There are many different types of Access queries. This course focuses on select queries and includes some grouping and aggregation.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Designing & Developing Databases in Access 2013

    Note that database design is a specialist area that takes a long time to master and this course can only introduce you to the basic principles of database design. It is aimed at people who need to design their own relational databases from scratch and will cover the practical aspects of creating tables and relationships as well as introducing participants to the principles of database design and giving participants an opportunity to experiment with designing their own databases. This course is suitable for those who are using existing databases and just need to understand the way relational databases are structured and to be able to create tables
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: ECDL Orientation

    The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised qualification designed to assess key IT skills through the successful completion of seven module tests. The ECDL programme at UCL is self-study which means that candidates study at their own pace using online learning materials. Tests and practice tests and one-to-one support are available through drop-ins and testing sessions. Click on More Info for further information.
    Eligibility: This programme is available to UCL staff only and costs 90 pounds. Payment is by IDT or cheque to be brought to the orientation. Please click on More Info for further details. There is no charge for non-attendance of the orientation session.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • IS: Forms and Reports in Access 2013

    This course covers a wide range of features of both forms and reports in Access and participants will be able to make some choices about which aspects they would like to cover. For example they may already have some knowledge and wish to cover more complex features or they may wish to focus more on forms than reports.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
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