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Students with Disabilities Affecting their Academic Performance


In order for a student to be recognized as dyslexic, a diagnosis must be made by the UCL Dyslexia Centre. All students who are, or think that they may be, dyslexic should therefore to be assessed as soon as possible by emailing the centre. The clinic’s assessment will include recommendations for any special arrangements to be made for examinations. See the Centre’s webpages for more information.

Students for whom special arrangements on the grounds of dyslexia have been made in previous years at UCL will automatically be treated in such a way in the future.

Special Examination Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

Students applying for special exam arrangements on grounds of disability or specific learning difficulties can obtain an application form from the Disability Centre or from the Examinations Section in the Registry. Students are, in any case, advised to contact the Disability Centre as early as possible in the academic year to discuss their needs. All applications must be accompanied by evidence of disability or medical condition provided by a competent authority. Such authority would usually be your consultant or GP. Applications should be submitted as early as possible and no later than six weeks before your first examination.

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