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Current Undergraduates

Undergraduate History Handbooks

Please visit the UCL History Moodle e-noticeboard for access to the updated information for 2015-16 including the UCL History Student Handbook, Study Skills handbook, Departmental Calendar and the Study Abroad Handbook for 2015-16 students abroad.
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Your Degree

Degree Syllabus and Regulations
Module Types
Module Choices
Part-Time Students
Degree Classification

Assessments and Deadlines

Attendance and Workload
Submitting Assessed Essays: Deadlines, Procedures and Penalties
Students with Disabilities Affecting their Academic Performance
Examinations and other Assessment
What happens if I do not complete or fail a module?
Marking Criteria
Role of Examiners
Final-Year Special Subject Dissertations


Tutorial Arrangements
Essay Returns
Writing and Learning Mentor
Hardship and Travel Funds
Having personal trouble?
Further Study

About the Department

Student Feedback
Data Protection

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