Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs)

Like most other departments at UCL, the History department recruits a number of postgraduate teaching assistants every year to contribute to teaching on undergraduate courses.

PGTA support staff

  • PGTA Tutor - Prof Coşkun Tuncer: the PGTA tutor provides training to new PGTAs and acts as a source of advice for any problems related to the position. In most cases, you can also usefully seek advice from the lead tutor for the course on which you are teaching.
  • PGTA Administrator - Claire Morley: Claire manages HR matters related to PGTA recruitment.


  • UCL History applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now closed. Next year's vacancies will be advertised around Easter.
  • Other UCL departments advertise via the AH/SHS Faculty office - search for any new vacancies within UCL Arts and Humanities and Social and Historical Science departments.
  • Guidance on being a PGTA and PGTA appointments can be found on the HR website.


  • All new PGTAs must attend the introductory Arena One Gateway Workshop prior to commencing teaching. PGTAs are responsible for signing up for a workshop at an appropriate time. These do fill up, so book early!
  • PGTAs are also strongly encouraged to attend the Teaching Associate Programme (TAP) offered by Arena One.
  • The History department has a mandatory induction session for all PGTAs during induction week. PGTAs will be given further details prior to the start of term.
  • All PGTAs must complete the UCL Corporate Safety Induction (online course).
  • Post-appointment information can be found on the 'History PGTA/TF Forum' on Moodle. PGTAs should join this page. 

Current PGTAs

A list of PGTAs for the current academic year can be found on the UCL History 'People' pages.

PGTA Handbook