Selected media appearances

UCL History staff make regular appearances on radio, television and in other media.

Printed text of a magazine article about visiting research associate Fabrice Bensimon

Below you can find some examples of what our staff have been up to recently. Individual staff profile pages contain more detail about our staff members' media experience.

Ancient history

  • Valentina Arena appeared on Radio 4's In Our Time to talk about the Roman orator Cicero, January 2018.
  • The Guardian newspaper's archaeology blog, The Past and the Curious published a feature partially based on Eleanor Robson's research into the Sealand Kings of ancient Iraq, September 2017.

American history and politics

  • David Sim appeared on the BBC Radio 4 programme Make America Great Again to talk about US/Latin Americans and the use of the word 'America', December 2017.
  • Adam Smith's programme, The Killersabout a short story by Ernest Hemingway, appeared on BBC Radio 3, August 2017.
  • Adam Smith presented short documentaries Ronald Reagan's Last Movie and From Out of Town for the BBC World News Channel, July 2017.
  • Kathy Burk appeared on Adam Boulton's All Out Politics (Sky News) to discuss Donald Trump's first 100 days in office, April 2017.
  • Adam Smith's documentary America Goes to War covered US involvement in the Great War and was broadcast on BBC Radio 4, April 2017.

Early modern history

Modern history

  • Melvyn Stokes appeared on BBC Radio Berkshire to discuss postwar cinemagoing in Britain and the career of the film actress Valerie Hobson, October 2018.
  • Kathy Burk appeared on an edition of Radio 4's In Our Time to talk about the 1814-15 Congress of Vienna, October 2017.
  • Marie Curie fellow Fabrice Bensimon was interviewed about his work by the northern France daily paper Nord-Littoral, September 2017.

History of gender and sexuality

  • Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite appeared on the BBC Radio 4 show, Mind the Gender Pay Gapin March 2018, discussing women and pay through history.
  • Eleanor Robson appeared on BBC Radio 4's Lines of Resistancea programme about the history of black women poets, to discuss the Sumerian princess Enheduana, who was claimed by 1970s feminists as the 'first women poet'. The show was broadcast in October 2017.
  • Rebecca Jennings appeared on two BBC radio programmes broadcast to mark the anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which partially decriminalised male homosexuality. From Shame to Pridefor BBC Radio 4, discussed the history of LGBT life in Britain prior to 1967, and Born this Wayon Radio 2, explored the gay contribution to 20th-century popular culture. Both were broadcast in July 2017.

Public engagement and outreach work