Anastazja Maria Grudnicka

Anastazja's research is largely focused on cultural and intellectual aspects of early modern dynasticism and empire. She is interested in the intersection between art and power in dynastic and imperial contexts, formation and evolution of dynastic and imperial identities, and transcultural exchanges within the dynastic and imperial framework. While Anastazja is interested in these processes more broadly, her research has so far focused predominantly on the Habsburg dynasty and their lands in Europe and beyond in the 16th-18th centuries.

Anastazja's current research looks at confessional culture of the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Matthias I Habsburg. Her study of Habsburg religiosity in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries takes an interdisciplinary approach by bringing together, alongside multilingual written material, the evidence of aural, material, and visual cultures.


Supervisor: Ben Kaplan (primary) and Martyn Rady (secondary)
Working title: 'Religious Culture at the Court of Holy Roman Emperor Matthias I Habsburg (1577-1612)'
Expected completion date: 2020

Conference papers and presentations

  • 'The (Un)Making of the Habsburg Dynasty: The Self-Fashioning of the Archduke Matthias Habsburg in the Low Countries (1577-1581)', The Art of the Network, Courtauld Institute Postgraduate Symposium, Courtauld Institute of Art, April 2017
  • 'The Ideal of the Christian Prince in the Self-Fashioning of Matthias Habsburg (1577-1619)', Religious History workshop, University of Cambridge, February 2016

Conference organisation

  • Organising committee, Nature's Past: Historical Perspectives on a Contested Concept, UCL History postgraduate conference, June 2017
  • Organising committee, The State of the State of Nature, 9th conference in Political Thought and Intellectual History, University of Cambridge, 2016