Alessandro de Arcangelis

Alessandro de Arcangelis is historian of modern Europe, who works at the intersection of intellectual, conceptual and cultural history, with a special focus on transnational history and cross-cultural encounters. He recently completed his PhD at UCL, under the supervision of Prof Axel Körner and Prof Avi Lifschitz. His thesis focused on the reception and circulation of Hegel’s philosophy in southern Italy during the Risorgimento, placing particular emphasis on its links with the local experience of the 1848 Revolutions and the Italian unification. Placing itself at the intersection of intellectual and conceptual history, this thesis examined how Neapolitan intellectuals borrowed concepts from Hegel’s historicist lexicon and employed them to understand and negotiate experiences of historical, political and social change. Alessandro is currently working on a postdoctoral research project on the reception of Giambattista Vico’s philosophy of history in nineteenth-century Europe.


Supervisors: Axel Körner and Avi Lifschitz
Title: Hegelians on the slopes of Vesuvius: a transnational study on the intellectual history of Naples, 1799-1861
Completed: 2018


  • “Towards a New Philosophy of History: European Vichianism and Neapolitan Hegelianism, 1801-1848”, Journal of Modern Italian Studies 25, pp. 1-18 (2019).
  • “The Cosmopolitan Morphology of the National Discourse: Italy as a European Centre of Intellectual Modernity”. In Körner, A., Hauswedell, T. & Tiedau, U. (eds.) Re-Mapping Centres and Periphery: Asymmetrical Encounters in European and Global Contexts. London: UCL Press, pp. 135-54 (2019).
  • “La ‘nuova scienza’ dell’hegelismo: la ricerca di un metodo storico dall’Europa a Napoli”. In Gallo, F. (ed.) Gli hegeliani di Napoli: il Risorgimento e la ricezione di Hegel in Italia. Scritti in onore di Gerardo Marotta. Napoli: Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici (forthcoming/summer 2019)

Teaching 2018-19

  • Intelligent Design? Science, Religion and Material Culture, 1500-1830 (Specialist Seminar)
  • Enlightenment Histories: History and Time in 18th Century Thought and Culture (MA Course)