Aleksandra Kaye

Aleksandra is a first-year student interested in the role that migrants play in the transfer and production of knowledge. In the traditional centre-periphery model, nations that are considered part of the periphery are perceived as passive receivers, dependent on the centre for progress and knowledge. Aleksandra aims to challenge this model by examining the role of Polish migrants and their network in the transnational circulation of knowledge between two regions typically viewed as peripheral: partitioned Poland and the newly independent Latin American countries of the nineteenth century. 

In her research, Aleksandra intends to address the following questions, amongst others: how extensive was the Polish knowledge network in Latin America? What varieties of knowledge were developed and how were they circulated? What were the sources of this knowledge? And did the knowledge gained in Latin America make its way back to partitioned Poland?

Aleksandra is fluent in Polish and English and reads Italian and Russian. Thanks to generous funding from the UCL Doctoral School, she is working on improving her Spanish and has started learning Portuguese. 


Supervisors: Nicola Miller and Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski
Working title: 'Mapping the Polish knowledge network in nineteenth-century Latin America'
Expected completion date: 2021

Teaching experience

Aleks is a qualified teacher of English to non-native speakers.