Sotirios Christos Peithis

Sotirios largely focuses on the study of ancient Greek warfare, particularly in the Classical period. During his master's degree at St Andrews', he studied the Macedonian state and its armies under Philip II and, to a lesser extent, Alexander, in an effort to understand why and how they were so successful against the city-state armies of mainland Greece. He also took a great interest in the forgotten soldiers of antiquity, namely the Greek light infantrymen who are all too often overshadowed by the hoplite.

Sotirios's current research revolves around the various forms of military communication used by the Greeks during the Classical period. He aims to cast some doubt on the generally accepted theory that Classical Greek generals were unable to properly command their troops once the battle was joined.


Supervisor: Hans van Wees
Working title: 'Tactical and Strategic Communications in Ancient Greek Warfare'
Expected completion date: 2019


  • 'Violence then and now', a comparative study of state-related violence during Antiquity and our own period, and how violence can never be used effectively by a modern-day democracy. This will be published by the Kathimerini newspaper in their 'Greece is Democracy' magazine, issued in mid-September 2017, of which Sotirios is also a co-editor.

Conference papers and presentations

  • 'Tactical and Strategic Communications in Ancient Greek Warfare', AMPAH annual conference, London, March 2018.

Conference organisation

  • Organising committee, AMPAH (Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History) 2018

Teaching 2018-19 (postgraduate teaching assistant)

  • The Greek World, c.800-386 BC