Savvas Michael

Savvas's research concerns the US and British involvement in Greece's coup of Archbishop Makarios on 15 July 1974 and the subsequent Turkish invasion of Cyprus, which began on 20 July 1974 and continued into August of that year. Given his recent experience as a lawyer, Savvas will not only approach this topic from a historical perspective but will tackle the complex international legal issues surrounding the case. Notably, Turkey argued that their invasion was lawful in light of Article IV (2) of the Treaty of Guarantee of the Cyprus Republic. The treaty authorised Turkey to "take action" in Cyprus if joint consultations between Greece and Turkey failed, and the action aimed to retain Cypriot independence. The US and British work towards the construction of this treaty in 1960 contributed to the Turkish legal justification for their invasion in 1974.


Supervisors: Alex Goodall and David Sim
Working title: 'US-British collusion in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, 1964-74'
Expected completion date: 2021