Pablo Soffia Palma

Pablo's research aims to shed new light on how distinctive and innovative forms of nineteenth-century Spanish American historical thought were developed in dialogue and contrast with European influences and models. His focus is on the theory and method of history, emphasising historiography and the philosophy of history but also encompassing debates on the philosophy of mind, education, language and law. He argues that between the 1830s and 1890s key Spanish American pensadores used historical discourse to break their epistemic dependency from Europe and create local, autonomous canons of thought


Working Title: Decolonising Historicism: Theories and Methods of History in Nineteenth-Century Spanish America

Research Interests 

Global Intellectual History, Postcolonial Studies, History of Political Thought, Philosophy of History, Theory and Method of History, Europe and the Americas 18th-19th centuries. 
Supervisor: Nicola Miller (primary), Thomas Rath (secondary)