Emma Zürcher

Having been fascinated by the Middle Ages and the contact between Islam and Christianity during this period since she visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, as a child, Emma first pursued an undergraduate degree in History at UCL and followed this up with a masters in Medieval History at Oxford. Now she is back to UCL as a doctoral candidate in order to examine the extent to which territorial loss was perceived and made sense of as a moral loss at the time of the Crusades.


Supervisor: Antonio Sennis and Patrick Lantschner
Working title: 'Territorial loss and moral affliction at the time of the Crusades'
Expected completion date: 2020

Scholarships and funding

Awarded an AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership research studentship (2017-2020).

Teaching 2019-20 (postgraduate teaching assistant)

  • Writing History
  • Modern European History and Politics (CLIE)