Aidan Fusco

Aidan Fusco is interested in the intellectual history of rhetoric and logic in 17th century England, with a particular emphasis on the so-called 'problem of universals', the debate concerning the precise relationship between words and the things they describe. His thesis is on the philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s (1588-1679) contribution to that debate, and its relationship with Hobbes’s wider thought.

Aidan Fusco holds an LAHP studentship, awarded by the AHRC. 


Supervisors: Angus Gowland (primary supervisor), Quentin Skinner (secondary). 

Working Title: “Words and Things in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes”. 

Expected completion date: 2024


“On Leibniz’s Description of Hobbes as plusquam nominalis” in the Oxford Centre for Intellectual History’s blog, accessible here:

'On Leibniz's Description of Hobbes as 'plusquam nominalis', 1670-1677', in the Oxford Centre for Intellectual History's blog, 28th Feb 2021, accessible here: https://intellectualhistory.web.ox.ac.uk/article/on-leibnizs-description-of-hobbes-as-plusquam-nominalis-16701677#/.

'English translation of poems by Giambattista Marino and Eugenio Montale' in the Journal of Italian Translation, Vol. XVI, Spring 2021, pp. 146-153.