Professor Wendy Davies, OBE, FBA


Wendy Davies has been retired since 2007, but until then taught medieval European history at UCL. Much of her research activity has been in collaboration with others, some of the best-known results being the Bucknell charter group's The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe (1986), Property and Power in Early Medieval Europe (1995), and The Languages of Gift (2010), all edited with Paul Fouracre, as well as The Inscriptions of Early Medieval Brittany (2000), written with James Graham-Campbell, John Koch and others. Wendy has written books and papers on Welsh, Breton, Irish, Scottish and Spanish social and economic history and have also done much archaeological fieldwork. She remains active in research and her current projects focus on northern Spain and Portugal.

Professor Davies has been elected a Corresponding Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America.