Dr Vivienne Lo

Senior Lecturer

Vivienne Lo is the convenor of the UCL China Centre for Health and Humanity. She has been teaching the History of Asian Medicine and Classical Chinese medicine at BSc and MA level in UCL since 2002. 

Vivienne's own research concerns the social and cultural origins of acupuncture and therapeutic exercise. She translates and analyses manuscript material from Early and Medieval China and the transmission of scientific knowledge along the so-called Silk Roads through to the modern Chinese medical diaspora.

In recent decades there has been a revolution in the field of research into both early and mediaeval Chinese medicine partly driven by texts and artefacts recovered from tombs and other libraries. Vivienne is currently finishing a translation and introduction to texts excavated in Hubei (tomb sealed ca. 186 BC), that describe an early phase in the development of acupuncture, and therapeutic exercise. Manuscripts recovered from a Buddhist library on the Silk Road and archived mainly at the British Library and BNF Paris provide another vantage point from which to consider issues of continuity and change in both these subjects. Current projects also include the creation of an on-line database of early Chinese medical imagery, and a history of food and medicine in China. 

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

1998  PhD  SOAS 
1991  BA (Hons)  SOAS 

Courses taught

HIST6110 Ancient and Medieval China and her Neighbours
HIST7014 Asian Medical History
HISTG012 Classical Chinese Medicine
HISTGC01 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Chinese Health and Humanity
HISTGC05 History of China: Society and Culture
HISTGC06 Chinese Film and the Body

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