Dr Marigold Norbye

After a first degree in Classics, Marigold returned to academia some years later. She came to UCL to do the MA in Medieval Studies followed by a PhD with Professor David d'Avray on late medieval French genealogical manuscripts. She has been an Associate Lecturer (Teaching) at UCL ever since, in the departments of History and of Greek and Latin, focusing in particular on manuscript studies and palaeography. She is the Academic Coordinator for the London International Palaeography Summer School where she also gives courses on Latin palaeography, and she teaches for the London Rare Books School. Her research has mainly centred upon the genealogical diagrams of kings of France found in chronicles or accompanying political treatises, examining the messages conveyed by the combination of visual and textual elements. More broadly, she is also interested in the history of history writing, of which genealogical chronicles are one subset. Other interests include the history of libraries, and of books more generally. As a classicist and a manuscript scholar, she is fascinated by the story of how the texts of classical antiquity were transmitted through the Middle Ages.

Major publications

  • 'Genealogies and dynastic awareness in the Hundred Years War. The evidence of A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires.', Journal of Medieval History 33 (2007), pp. 297-319. (doi:10.1016/j.jmedhist.2007.07.002)
  • 'A popular example of 'national literature' in the Hundred Years War: A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires', Nottingham Medieval Studies 51 (2007), pp. 121-42.
  • ''A tous nobles qui aiment beaux faits et bonnes histoires' - the multiple transformations of a fifteenth-century French genealogical chronicle', in The Medieval Chronicle, vol. 5, ed. by Erik Kooper (2008), pp. 175-96.
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  • 'Arbor genealogiae: manifestations of the tree in French royal genealogies', in The Tree: Symbol, Allegory, and Mnemonic Device in Medieval Art and Thought, ed. by Pippa Salonius and Andrea Worm (Turnhout: Brepols, 2014), pp. 69-93.