Dr Kathleen Walker-Meikle

Research Associate

Kathleen Walker-Meikle is a Research Associate on the Leverhulme 'Inner Lives: 1300-1500' project, under the direction of Dr Sophie Page. The project will focus on the medieval understanding of the cosmos that placed humans at the centre of a web of celestial forces that influenced the body, character and emotions of people in the physical world. It will investigate the delicate balance between cosmological pressure and magical thinking in order to explore the relationship between love, the passions, temptation and free will in late Medieval Europe.

Her research interests cover medieval medicine, science, magic, concentrating the relationship between animals and humans. Apart from research articles she has written a monograph (Medieval Pets, Boydell and Brewer, 2012), along with popular history books. Kathleen is currently writing a book on medieval toxicology and animal bites along with co-authoring an edition of the Antidotarium magnum (with Professor Monica Green, Arizona State University).

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

University College London
Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

Major Publications

IRIS Researcher Profile 

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