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Dr Antonio Sennis

Senior Lecturer

Antonio Sennis is a cultural historian whose main focus is Western Europe in the period 800-1200. He is currently Deputy Head of Department, Chair of the BA Board of Examiners, Chair of the Library Committee and Co-organiser of the Cumberland Lodge trip. 

The combined use of a wide range of written and archaeological evidence characterises Antonio's past and most recent research. He has worked on: space and memory as ideological tools in medieval Europe; the relationship between power and territory in early medieval western Europe; the medieval Papacy; monastic lordships in medieval Italy; medieval monasteries and their chronicles; the memory of origins and the construction of identities in European monastic institutions.

Antonio would welcome PhD proposals on most aspects of the social, political, cultural and religious history of Western Europe in the period 800-1200 and, particularly, on the writing of history in the Middle Ages; on the relationships between monasteries and elites; on the representations of rulers; on the construction of religious identities; on the rise and development of papal power.

Qualifications & memberships of professional bodies

1997  PhD  Universita degli Studi di Torino
1992  LAU  Universita degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society  

Courses taught

HIST2900 The Worlds of Cola. Utopia, Nostalgia and the Quest for Power at the end of the Middle Ages (1313-1354)
HIST3205/HIST9205 Passages to Jerusalem: The Crusades and the Medieval World, 1095-1291
MDVLGH12 Identity and Power in Medieval Europe, AD 500-1300

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