Dr Anna Corrias

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 

Anna Corrias studies the history of Renaissance philosophy, especially in relationship with the transmission and circulation of classical sources in the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Her interests include Renaissance humanism, early modern theories of the body and soul relationship, theories of sense-perception and of the imagination, and theories of pain. After earning a BA in Philosophy from the University of Cagliari (Italy), she moved to the Warburg Institute where she completed her MA (2009) and PhD (2014). In 2014-2015 she was a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Seeger Centre for Hellenic Studies at Princeton University, where she worked on the creation of the post-Plotinian Plotinus in the Renaissance. She is currently working on a critical edition, an English translation and a study of Marsilio Ficino’s Latin translation of and commentary on Priscianus Lydus’s Paraphrase of Theophrastus’s ‘On the Soul’, first published in 1497. This short work represents a vital source, though hitherto neglected, for a full understanding of the role played by ancient psychological doctrines, both Platonic and Aristotelian, in the shaping of Renaissance epistemology.

Anna's first monograph, entitled ‘The Plotinian Soul: The Renaissance of Plotinus in Marsilio Ficino's commentary on the Enneads’ will be published in 2016. She is also editing, together with Guido Giglioni, the Brill Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Platonism.

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Dr Anna Corrias