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Recent Media Coverage
News: Dr Adam Smith awarded 'UCL Broadcaster of the Year 2015'

For media enquiries please contact our Communications Officer on 0203 108 1149. 

If you would like to receive our press releases please email us.

We have history experts available for comment on a wide range of historical periods and themes. We are happy to arrange for academics at UCL History to take part in media interviews in London (for television or radio) or via Skype/telephone and to write features and articles for newspaper or magazine publication. 

2015 Coverage

  • BBC Radio Northampton - Dr Patrick Glen in interviewed about the Cultural Memory and British Cinema-Going of the 1960s research project
  • BBC Radio Scotland - Professor Bernhard Rieger is interviewed about Volkswagen
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Bernhard Rieger appears on the Today Programme in the wake of the VW emissions crisis
  • The Guardian - UCL History student Adam Dyster tells The Guardian the story of Jeremy Bentham's stuffed body in the UCL cloisters
  • History Today - Dr Katie Donington shares the Legacies of British Slave-ownership project's latest research
  • BBC News - Dr Clare Makepeace writes about surviving the horrors of Japan's WW2 camps on the anniversary of VJ Day
  • BBC Radio 5 Live - Dr Clare Makepeace discusses VJ Day
  • BBC Two - UCL History's Legacies of British Slave-ownership project collaborated with David Olusoga on a two-part documentary series titled 'Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners'
  • The Independent - Dr Andrew Smith discusses why the Battle of Waterloo is important today
  • BBC Radio 2 - Dr Adam Smith discusses music during the American Civil War
  • BBC World Service - Dr Adam Smith speaks to U.S. fair housing campaigner Dorothy Mulkey
  • The Herald Scotland - Dr Michael Collins discusses nationalism after the 2015 General Election
  • The Herald Scotland - Dr Michael Collins writes about the risks for the SNP in supporting a Labour government
  • The Conversation - Professor Bernhard Rieger discusses German CEO culture
  • BBC History - Professor Stephen Conway provides a guide for Poldark fans about the American War of Independence
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Adam Smith presents a programme called 'California: Paradise Lost'
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Adam Smith contributes to 'From Our Own Correspondent'
  • BBC One - Dr Clare Makepeace appears in 'Heir Hunters'
  • The Guardian - Professor Eleanor Robson comments on ISIS destroying ancient sites in Iraq
  • BBC News - Professor Eleanor Robson talks about IS bulldozing Nimrud
  • The Times - Dr Clare Makepeace's letter about the Imperial War Museum's plans to charge for use of its research room is published (27 Feb)
  • The Telegraph - Professor Eleanor Robson comments on the destruction of Mosul
  • Channel 4 News - Professor Eleanor Robson is mentioned in a report on the smashing of historic statues in Iraq
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Karen Radner takes part in Melvyn Bragg's 'In our Time', in an episode titled 'The Eunuch' 
  • BBC Radio 3 - Dr Adam Smith presents a Sunday Feature about 'The Day of the Locust', a novel by Nathanael West
  • BBC News - Dr Melvyn Stokes looks at the effect The Birth of a Nation had on audiences when it was released 100 years ago
  • Monocle - Professor Kathy Burk comments on Obama lifting trade sanctions against Cuba
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Kathy Burk discusses the legacy of Magna Carta with Melvyn Bragg
  • Channel 4 News - Dr Andrew Smith is interviewed about terrorism in France

2014 Coverage

  • BBC Radio London - Professor Bernhard Rieger comments on the Berlin Wall, 25 years after it fell (10 Nov)
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Bernhard Rieger discusses the VW Beetle in the episode 'Clock to Car: Masters of Metal' which is part of a radio series on 'Germany: Memories of a Nation' 
  • ITV News - Dr Julietta Steinhauer is interviewed about the Elgin Marbles (14 Oct)
  • BBC Radio 5 Live - Dr Andrew Smith is interviewed about the Scottish Referendum 
  • The Daily Mail - Dr Andrew Smith is asked about the Queen's role in the Scottish Referendum 
  • Financial Times - Dr Michael Collins is quoted in 'The Battle for Britain' 
  • The Herald Scotland - Dr Michael Collins pens an article entitled 'World will think us mad to rip up Union' 
  • ITV - Professor Margot Finn contributes to 'Secrets From the Clink', a documentary examining 19th century attitudes to crime and punishment 
  • The Conversation - Dr Eleanor Robson writes about fears for Iraq's cultural heritage under ISIS
  • Wall Street Journal - Professor Kathy Burk discusses the legacy of the First World War on Wall Street
  • BBC History Magazine - Dr Melvyn Stokes reviews the film Grace of Monaco, as part of the magazine's 'Historians at the Movies' series 
  • Wall Street Journal - Dr David Sim discusses the rise of the US during the First World War in a special video feature
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Kathy Burk explains the rivalry between the US and UK in 'The Special Relationship: Uncovered' (first broadcast 23 June)
  • The Independent - Dr Nick Draper explains that British cities are at different stages of addressing their history in the slave trade 
  • BCB Radio - Dr Clare Makepeace is interviewed about D-Day. 
  • The Independent - Dr Melvyn Stokes writes about 'movie memories' in the 'Radar' section of The Independent (24 May). 
  • BBC Two - Professor Margot Finn appears on 'The Birth of Empire: The East India Company' with Dan Snow
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Adam Smith presents a programme entitled 'How do children learn history?' 
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Benet Salway appears on 'In Our Time' with Melvyn Bragg, discussing Stabo's Geographica 
  • History Today - Dr Clare Makepeace writes about the quest for compensation pursued in the 1950s by British prisoners of war in the Far East 
  • BBC News - Dr Clare Makepeace investigates World War I brothels 
  • The Guardian - Dr Clare Makepeace comments on the National Archives making First World War diaries accessible online  
  • The Guardian - Dr Kate Donington comments on '12 Years a Slave'
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Nick Draper discusses Britain's memories of slavery on 'The World This Weekend'

2013 Coverage

  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Axel Körner comments on Brahms' German Requiem
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Matthew Jones talks Doctor Who, as part of a 50th anniversary celebration 
  • BBC Radio 3 - Dr Adam Smith discusses the Gettysburg Address on 'Night Waves'
  • History Today - Dr Avi Lifschitz considers the changing meanings of the Enlightenment
  • Nevis Radio - Dr Matthew Jones was interviewed about 1960s cinema-going
  • The Guardian - Professor Catherine Hall on the forgotten story of Britain's slave trade 
  • Forres Gazette - UCL cinema memories project enlists the help of Dr No to unearth movie memories
  • myScience - Our 'East India Company at Home, 1757-1857' project team's collaboration with the National Trust on a "Trappings of Trade' exhibition is featured
  • ITV - Professor Margot Finn talks about the East India Company on 'Britain's Secret Homes' 
  • CNN International - Professor Stephen Conway took part in a live interview on CNN's W1 programme regarding colonial cannibalism in Virginia (02 May 2013)
  • BBC Two - Professor Stephen Conway contributes to "Fit to Rule" with Lucy Worsley (from 45 mins)
  • The Guardian - Dr Bernhard Rieger's new book 'The People's Car' is reviewed 
  • BBC Two - Professor Kathy Burk appears on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman to discuss fascism
  • FP - Dr Bernhard Rieger's book 'The People's Car' is the subject of a story on the VW Beetle overcoming it's Nazi past
  • NDTV - Dr Thom Rath discusses the Legacy of Chavez 
  • Legacies of British Slave-ownership encyclopaedia launch - over 60 pieces of coverage received including the BBC, the Independent, the Guardian and major overseas newspapers. 
  • The Observer - Professor David d'Avray comments on the new school curriculum 
  • Bloomberg - Professor David d'Avray comments on papal resignations
  • FT - Professor David d'Avray tells the FT about precedents for a papal resignation 
  • ITV - Professor Stephen Conway talks to Julian Fellowes about branding and slavery on ITV's Great Houses 
  • BBC Radio 3 - Dr Adam Smith discusses Spielberg's Lincoln 
  • BBC History - Dr Adam Smith gives a historians perspective on Lincoln 
  • FT Alphaville - Dr Thom Rath explores the legacy of Chávez 

2012 Coverage 

  • The Telegraph - Professor Stephen Conway comments on Prince Charles' admiration for King George III
  • BBC History Magazine - Dr Adam Smith writes on 'Race, Religion and Re-Election' (December 2012 issue)
  • BBC Radio 5 Live - Dr Adam Smith discusses the U.S. Elections 
  • BBC Radio 4 - Dr Adam Smith discuss the U.S. Elections on the Today programme 
  • Gamespot UK - Dr Adam Smith, Dr Benet Salway and Dr Antonio Sennis contribute to a programme about Assassins 
  • BBC Radio 4 - Professor Ben Kaplan contributes to Miles Warde's 'The Invention of Spain' 
  • Stylist - Professor Kathleen Burk comments on the U.S. Elections 
  • Metro - The Department provides questions for a British History quiz (following David Cameron's appearance on the Letterman show) 
  • BBC Radio 3 - a four part series on 'The American Civil War' by Dr Adam Smith 
  • BBC Four - Dr Bernhard Rieger featured on 'The Golden Age of Liners' 
  • BBC News - Dr Benet Salway talks about the Roman Emperor Caligula 
  • The Guardian - Professor Catherine Hall discusses the Women's Library 
  • BBC Radio 3 -  Dr Adam Smith appeared on ‘Night Waves’, discussing the ‘performance of the self’ in American politics  (05 April 2012)
  • History Today - Dr Adam Smith reviews two books 
  • New York Times - Simon Renton talks about undergraduate courses in the UK 
  • The Guardian - Simon Renton comments on UCL's proposals for an additional campus in the Olympic borough of Newham 

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