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Summer Internships

Emilio Passera

2nd Year, Ancient History and Egyptology

This summer, after my first year here at UCL, I decided to gain some experience in Italy (my home country). First I joined an archaeological expedition that was studying the ancient Roman city of Suasae, in the region Marche. Our base was a tiny village in the middle of the hills: very beautiful, but also very isolated. The campaign was a challenging experience, but most rewarding. I had the chance to put into practice the skills I gained during my first year at UCL and to learn the basics of field archaeology.

After the dig in Suasae I travelled to Florence where I worked as an intern, helping the director of the Egyptian Museum. Here I implemented the electronic database and helped the photographic office. Towards the end of my time in Florence, I had the wonderful experience of placing back objects that had just arrived from the exhibition on beauty at the Egyptian museum in Barcelona. What an incredible feeling to welcome back those pieces! As I was living in Florence I had the opportunity to explore the city in detail. One can hardly resist its beauty and its endless works of art. After enjoying life in Italy, I’m now back in the UK to begin another exciting year in London!

Joe Mason

2nd Year, History

I spent eight weeks working at Sense Worldwide, a transformational brand consultancy firm based in Soho. I had applied through UCL Advances, an initiative aimed to give students exposure to entrepreneurial businesses.

It started with a project for Pepsi, where we were working on overhauling their marketing and branding in six key markets. Consultants from Sense travelled around the world to do semiotic work and market analysis. I was part of the London team who created the proposal and recommendations based on our market research.

Next, I was moved to work with a large retail bank and the design company IDEO. The challenge was to design and create the retail bank of the future, aimed at the millennial generation. We provided the statistical data and undertook interviews with consumers and experts. We fed then returned our findings to IDEO, who produced designs and consumer mapping.

Last, I worked with SC Johnson and their acquisition of Kiwi Shoe Care in Argentina. They had purchased the brand and wanted to know more about Argentinian attitudes to shoe care. We undertook research and contacted experts with regard to Argentinian culture. I watched an awful lot of Argentinian chat shows in an attempt to understand their views on appearance and vanity. This allowed Kiwi to brand their products directly to the archetypes we had researched and deciphered. 

Marc Farre Moutinho

2nd Year, History with a Year Abroad

As much as I love history, I recognized that an in-depth knowledge of the Battle of Stalingrad might not cut it when it comes to furthering a non-academic career after university. Consequently, after finishing my exams, I thought it was about time I got better acquainted with the world of business, if only to find out if it was something that would interest me. A few weeks (and several dozen e-mail notifications) later, I was accepted to intern with an online bookings company based near Shoreditch.

I can safely say that this internship has been one of my most valuable professional experiences. I learned about what it means to be an employee in a company, and even more in my role as a business developer. For instance, I did a great deal of cold calling to persuade homeowners and property managers to let us advertise their apartments on the company website. As a result, I fostered the delicate blend of tact and straightforwardness which is of tremendous value when dealing with clients.

Moreover, I was given an opportunity to learn about the world of business generally. Given the bookings company was a small start-up, the mechanisms of the business and communication between different departments were plain for me to see, even as a lowly intern. Although I may never work for a similar company in the future, the insights I picked up this summer will help me wherever I go.

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