What UCL History students do next

Where can your UCL History degree take you? The career opportunities are endless!

What did our graduates do next? 

In these videos, you can hear from our recent graduates about the exciting careers they have moved into since leaving UCL. 

Videos - 1. Ashley Cowburn, Political Correspondent at The Independent; 2. Max Thomas, Product Manager at independent record label Graduation; 3. Bella Webb, Fashion Journalist at Vogue Business; 4. James Ashcroft, Management Trainee at ByteDance; 5. Amy Lababidi, Senior Press Officer at Cancer Research UK; 6. Jaedan Edman, Product Manager at Capgemini, 7. Joe Kloska, Actor and Producer; 8. Emma Jacobs, Features Writer at the Financial Times; 9. Finn Dardis Green, MA Student - Master's in Management at London Business School; 10. Adam McGee, Senior Media & Comms Officer at the House of Commons; 11. Fleur Elkerton, Digital Producer at the David Parr House Museum. 

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFdPi6rJ_v4&list=PLWH1wG_cFrBrAHySEQ9HMR...
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The range of careers and further study that UCL History alumni pursue is wider than you might realise. What follows is an indicative list and is by no means comprehensive. It is based, though, on the actual pathways of some recent alumni from our undergraduate programmes.


  • Archivists and curators
  • Arts officers, producers and directors
  • Authors, writers and translators
  • Public relations professionals
  • Teaching and other educational professionals
  • Secondary education teaching professionals
  • Personal assistants and other secretaries
  • Business and related associate professionals
  • Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors
  • Library clerks and assistants
  • Officers of non-governmental organisations
  • Estate agents and auctioneers
  • Conservation professionals
  • Human resources and industrial relations officers
  • Finance and investment analysts and advisers
  • Artists
  • Programmers and software development professionals
  • Researchers
  • Senior professionals of educational establishments
  • Welfare and housing associate professionals
  • Actors, entertainers and presenters
  • Chartered and certified accountants
  • Marketing associate professionals
  • Youth and community workers

Further Study 

  • GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law)
  • MA Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • MSc Management
  • Teach First: Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • MSc Security Studies
  • MSc Social Anthropology
  • MSt in British and European history
  • MSt US History
  • PGCE General Primary
  • PGCE Primary Teaching (Science)
  • PGCE Secondary Teaching (English and History)
  • Primary PGCE (full-time specialist mathematics route)
  • MA Museum Studies
  • MA Newspaper Journalism
  • MA Post-Colonial Culture and Global Policy
  • MA War Studies
  • Masters in International Public Management
  • MBBS Medicine
  • MPhil American History
  • MPhil Assyriology
  • Msc Contemporary Chinese Studies
  • MSc International Public Policy
  • Dual Degree MA/MSc in International and Global History
  • MA Ancient History
  • MA British and European History from 1500
  • MA Digital Humanities
  • MA History
  • MA in Contemporary Ethics