History Futures

Graduating students

'History Futures' is UCL History's support programme for students thinking about life after their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. It consists of a wide range of events and opportunities, including skills workshops, informational presentations, alumni panels, networking opportunities, themed weeks, and careers fairs. 

We understand that our students have a wide range of needs and goals when it comes to life after UCL. Some students will already have identified a specific career that they wish to pursue, and want to know more about how best to plan and prepare for it. Other students want to learn more about the possibilities available to them - and in practice, UCL History students go on to do an extraordinary variety of things after completing their studies. Still others of you may be contemplating further study, or be focused for the time being on personal development. Whatever your situation, it is never too early to think about the skills that your History degree is helping you to develop, and how these can help in your future work and life.

Careers tutor

Some of the events on the schedule are put on by UCL History, whose support programme is overseen by Careers Tutor Dr Emily Corran (emily.corran@ucl.ac.uk). You should feel free to approach Emily with any questions, ideas, needs or problems relating to your future after UCL.

UCL Careers

Other events in the calendar are supported by UCL Careers, the professional, college-wide office for careers-related support. The office is staffed by experienced Careers Consultants, who also offer one-on-one guidance sessions. Their website provides extensive online resources, including blog postings, job vacancies and more. You can stay informed of their latest updates by following them on Facebook or Twitter. Other offerings ongoing throughout the year include the Skills4Work programme and the Career Essentials programme of workshops and talks.

Summer internships and programmes

For some students, part of preparing for the future involves summer activities such as internships or employability programmes. Two programmes that may be of particular interest to History students are the two-week Global Citizenship Employability Programme and a three-day course called Focus on Management.

UCL Careers actively source summer internship and graduate opportunities for potential UCL candidates, and present shortlisted applications to employers. All you need to do is set your My UCL Careers account preferences to include your sector interests and the types of opportunities you are interested in. Then you can search and apply for any of the jobs or internships in the 'UCL Managed Opportunities' tab of My UCL Careers.

UCL Innovation and Enterprise

UCL Innovation and Enterprise offer a range of courses, lectures, events, competitions, and resources for those interested in business and entrepreneurship. Enhance your skills; turn your idea into a great business; find out about the highs, lows, success and failures of the entrepreneurial journey; or just use their free office space to host your start-up. Courses include Marketing and Branding, Entrepreneurial Finance, Sales Strategy, Pitching Skills, Business Plan Writing, Intro to Social Enterprise, Intro to Business Law, and DIY PR.

UCL alumni community and mentoring

The UCL Alumni Online Community is an online network of UCL alumni, spanning a wide range of professions, who have volunteered to give informal advice to UCL students and graduates. If you're considering your options and want the inside track on sectors and roles you're interested in, talking to one of these past UCL students could be useful in finding out more. You'll be able to speak with them directly and ask questions to find out what they enjoy about their job, the challenges they've encountered, and what advice they might have about getting into the sector.

UCLU societies

The University College London Union hosts numerous student-run societies oriented towards specific sectors and potential future careers for UCL students. These societies organise a range of events and activities to help students develop skills and knowledge and move into careers in their area. History students have in the past attended events organised by some of these societies, which include:


The Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) is UCLU's dedicated facility for students who want to get involved with volunteering projects in London. You can give as much or as little time as you can spare, learning new skills, meeting new people, and making a real difference.