Professor Vivian Nutton (Emeritus)

Professor Vivian Nutton

Professor Vivian Nutton specialises in the history of the classical tradition in medicine, from Antiquity to the present, and particularly on Galen, some of whose works he has edited and translated, and on medicine during the Renaissance. Among his publications are From Democedes to Harvey: Studies in the History of Medicine (Variorum, 1998), the first ever edition and translation of Galen's On My Own Opinions (Akademie Verlag, 1999) and an edited issue of Renaissance Studies, ‘Medicine in the Renaissance City’ (Oxford University Press, 2001). He is currently co-editor of Medical History.


Heirs of Hippocrates
The medical theories of the ancient Greeks formed the basis of Western medical thought and practice for more than 2000 years, and are still influential today in parts of the Muslim world. They were taken over and translated into Latin, Arabic, Hebrew and a range of European languages. How they exercised their influence, and how they were received and interpreted over the centuries, are fascinating stories. My main work has focused around Galen of Pergamum (129–216/7 AD), the most prolific writer to survive from the ancient world, whose combination of great learning and practical skill imposed his ideas on learned doctors for centuries, and, secondly, on the development of medical ideas and practices in the Renaissance of the sixteenth century. My new history of Greek and Roman medicine covers the period from Homer, around 800 BC, to Paul of Aegina, around 620 AD and looks at all aspects of health and healing, from medicine and surgery to magical and religious cures, within the changing contexts of ancient society. Another book will consider in detail the transmission of Greek medicine to the Muslim world. I have also begun work on a re-edition of an anatomical tract by Galen that was familiar to the Middle Ages but which was for long thought to be spurious.


1965 BA, University of Cambridge
1967 Research Fellow, Selwyn College Cambridge
1969 Director of Studies in Classics, Selwyn College Cambridge
1970 PhD, University of Cambridge
1977 Lecturer, WIHM/UCL
1979 Senior Lecturer, WIHM/UCL
1993 Professor, WIHM/UCL
1999 Hon FRCP
2000 Member, Academia Europaea
2000 Fellow, The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
2002 Member, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
2003 Fellow, Studio Firmano per la Storia de la Medicina
2007 Visiting professor, MacMaster University, Canada
2008 Fellow of the British Academy
2009 Honorary Fellow, Selwyn College, Cambridge

Key Publications

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