History of Medicine

Video Clips of Professor Salvador Moncada on YouTube

Growing up in Central America

Medical school and expulsion from El Salvador

Starting work in John Vane’s laboratory, 1971

Prostaglandins and Aspirin – the importance of bioassay

Group leader at Wellcome Research Laboratory

Blood platelet function - why aspirin causes bleeding

Discovering thromboxane synthase, and a new enzyme

The Prostacyclin Discovery

Homeostatic functioning of the blood vessel wall

Structure of prostacyclin, 1976: Nobel Prize, 1982

Discovery of EDRF (Endothelium Derived Relaxing Factor), 1980

Discovering that EDRF is nitric oxide (NO), 1986

Measuring nitric oxide produced by endothelial cells

Determining how nitric oxide is made

The biochemical pathway of nitric oxide in the brain

Nobel Prize, 1998

Nitric oxide as regulator of blood pressure and blood flow

Nitric Oxide in pregnancy

Nitric oxide, erectile dysfunction and Viagra

Inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and tissue damage

Septic shock

Mitochondria – nitric oxide as modulator of oxygen consumption

Mitochondria – new ideas about the way cells use energy sources

Wellcome’s important characteristics