History of Medicine

Video Clips of Professor Uta Frith on YouTube

Early Years and Influences

London and a PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry

Dyslexia – first theories and insights into its cause

Dyslexia – speech processing and the spoonerisms test

Dyslexia – visualising brain activity during speech processing

Dyslexia – the English language and dyslexia in Europe

Dyslexia – does it run in families?

Autism – a disorder of behaviour or biology?

Autism – the information processing revolution

Autism – theory of mind and the Sally-Ann experiment

Autism – Sabotage and Deception experiment

Autism – detail focus / ‘weak central coherence’

Autism – a single disorder or a disorder spectrum?

Brain substrates – visualising cognitive brain function, the brain’s mentalising system

Brain substrates – visualising the autistic brain