History of Medicine

The UCL Centre for the History of Medicine

The Nightingale Jewel.

The UCL Centre for the History of Medicine remains committed to research in and to the dissemination of the history of medicine, both as an academic discipline and as a subject of broader public interest. Our research focus will be on the history of the neurosciences and related areas. Current developments in this field possess wide-reaching implications, not only for clinical medicine but also increasingly in such seemingly distant areas as ethics, jurisprudence, and the philosophy of mind. Moreover, neuroscientific knowledge increasingly presents a challenge to the established demarcations between biology and the human sciences. Through its research and programme activities, the Centre will seek to provide an historical perspective from which to reflect on these momentous movements. Our teaching programmes, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, seek to bridge the gap that still exists between the sciences and the humanities, providing students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds with skills, knowledge, and resources that will serve them well in their future careers.