The UCL Online website has a number of features that will assist you in finding what you want.

The structure is divided into areas that fall into either the INFORMATION FOR category or the INFORMATION ABOUT category.

The INFORMATION FOR areas are aimed at particular target audiences such as Prospective Students, Staff, the Media, etc.

The INFORMATION ABOUT areas contain key information about particular aspects of UCL, such as its Departments and Research.

There are QUICK LINKS to important or popular online information such as Library Services.

A news section also exists and can be navigated to via the home page.

Navigational Aids

There are a number of features to assist you finding what you want:

Site Navigation

The navigational links for the site are located on the left hand side of each page. Each area of the site for example “Information for Prospective Students” will have sections and subsections. Subsections can be distinguished by the fact that they are indented.

Breadcrumb Trail

The breadcrumb trail allows you to orientate yourself within the hierarchical structure of the website. You can navigate up a level or two or directly back to the homepage.

On this page, and others within the central site, the breadcrumb trail is located beneath the UCL logo near the top of the page.

Search Facility

The UCL search engine is Google. You can enter a key word into the search box on the top right hand corner of the page or carry out an Advanced Search using specific search criteria.

Site Map

The site map may also assist you in getting to the information you require.

A-Z Index

An A-Z Index may be used when you know what you are looking for

Experiencing Problems?

Please email if you are experiencing any problems. If you find any broken links, then please let us know.