Hebrew & Jewish Studies


ERC Project ‘Calendars in Antiquity and the Middle Ages’, Workshop 2

The language of ancient and medieval calendars, astronomy, and mathematics

8 May 2014

Roberts 422, Roberts Engineering Building, UCL, Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE

Vocabulista in Arabico
MS Florence, Riccardiana, 217, fol. 226r. From C. Schiaparelli, 1871

In this second workshop of the ERC project ‘Calendars in Antiquity and the Middle Ages’, we examine the development of the language, terms, and terminology that were used in dates, calendars, and the related disciplines of astronomy and mathematics. Our textual evidence includes inscriptions and documents of the Roman period and a wide range of medieval Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin scientific works.

The aim of the ERC Calendars project workshops is to share, discuss, and broaden our research with colleagues from the wider, international academic community. Our workshops are open to anyone interested.


9:30 - Registration

9:45 - Ilaria Bultrighini (UCL): Naming the days: the week and its nomenclatures in the Roman Empire

10:45 - Coffee break

11:00 - Nick Gonis (UCL): Dating documents in Egypt under the Emperors and the early Caliphs

12:00 - François de Blois (UCL): 'Falak': a contribution to the history of Arabic astronomical terminology

13:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Sonja Brentjes (Berlin): Terminological problems with 9th-century Arabic versions of Euclid's Elements

15:00 - Naomi Aradi (Jerusalem): The decimal system in medieval Hebrew arithmetic – the sources of the term 'sifra'

16:00 - Tea break

16:15 - Ilana Wartenberg (UCL): Scientific vocabulary in Isaac Israeli's 'Yesod Olam'

17:15 - Charles Burnett (Warburg): The terminology of the medieval Latin abacus and algorism

18:15 - Concluding discussion

18:30 - Workshop ends

The workshop runs as part of the research project 'Calendars in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Standardization and Fixation'

Workshop Poster click here. (PDF)