UCL Hebrew & Jewish Studies


Tamara Gleason Freidberg

snapshot of Tamara at a desk
The Yiddish Press and the Holocaust in Mexico

Supervisors: Prof Shirli Gilbert, Dr Helen Beer


Tamara’s current research focuses on the unique role the Yiddish Press in Mexico played in the communication of news about the Holocaust as it developed as well as the responses to the horrific news. Special attention is given to the heterogenous written responses from the local Jewish community and how they portrayed a national sense of loss, feelings of guilt and responsibility towards the Jews living in Europe.

Her project also considers the transnational Jewish narratives about loss that were constructed by different ideology driven organisations such as the Zionist, Bundist and Communist, reproduced and enriched in the local Mexican Yiddish Journals. She will also analyse the Yiddish Press to get a better understanding on how members of the Jewish Community worked together with other antifascist immigrants to mobilise the Mexican public opinion.

Tamara was awarded a Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture to pursue this project. She has published a book on her research on the Bundist group in Mexico (Di Shvue, los bundistas en y su participación en la comunidad judía, 2016) and articles related to Yiddish literature in Mexico.